The Israel Brain Gain Program- Bringing Knowledge


 Considering returning to Israel?

The Israel Brain Gain program was created to assist you throughout the entire process.
The program has consolidated all the information about opportunities, programs, and benefits of the various government offices, in one convenient place. The program will assist you with:


Finding employment through our database of companies and job opportunities that are tailored specifically for returning professionals,

       including the option to directly contact employers while still abroad

Learning about the programs and opportunities that will help you find your place in the Israeli Industry and/or Academia

Ensuring easy acclimation to Israel by providing all of the up-to-date information that your family needs, easily accessible


Who is eligible for the program?

The Israel Brain Gain Program is designated for:

Any Israeli living abroad who is interested in returning to Israel

Providing they hold a Bachelor`s degree or above 

Can return to the Israeli Industry or Academy

The program assists professionals and their families throughout the entire process of returning to Israel; from the early stages of job searching all the way to acclimating to daily life in Israel

How can you register?

All of the details, programs, benefits, job opportunities, and registration to the program can
be found at:
For more information you can reach us at:
And of course, please feel free to join our LinkedIn and Facebook Groups.

About the program 

The Israel Brain Gain Program is led by the Chief Scientist of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. It is directed by Dr. Nurit Eyal who has held many key roles in the Biotechnology and Life Science fields. The program is run under Matimop, the executive agency of the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS), of the office of the chief scientist and it is a joint collaboration of the Ministry of Absorption, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Finance Ministry and the Planning and Budgeting. Committee of the Council for Higher Education. The steering committee is made up of representatives of these offices.