About Efranat

Efranat Ltd. was established in 2009 by, Prof. Nobuto Yamamoto, Boaz Shoam and Avi Levin. The Company was named after Avi and Boaz's wives, Efrat and Anat who died of cancer in 2009. 

A year before, during their quest to find a cure for their wives’ illness, Avi and Boaz met with Prof. Yamamoto, a world known researcher in the field of Cancer Immunotherapy. Prof. Yamamoto life's work was the discovery of a glycoprotein which he named "GcMAF" (Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor) a molecule that activates Macrophages,to act against cancer cells.

Inspired by the legacy of their wives and the vision to make better treatment available for cancer patients worldwide, Boaz and Avi decided together with Prof. Yamamoto to establish Efranat. On commencement, Prof Yamamoto licensed his GcMAF related patents to the Company.

Efranat conducts extensive research and develops anti-cancer immunotherapy treatments based on these patents. The Company is in the final preparation stages for production of GcMAF for clinical trials and Managed access programs.

The mechanism underlying GcMAF is to engage the body's own natural immune system, and harness it to fight disease. Initial promising results demonstrate the effectiveness of GcMAF in the treatment of cancer in humans. The mechanism of action of GcMAF is analyzed by extensive research and described in scientific articles written by scientists from across the world.

At the 4th quarter of 2011 a group of investors led by Dr. Shmuel Cabilly, a renowned scientist who developed breakthrough technology that became the basis of several important new medicines, provided additional funding for the company. Efranat's current activities are directed towards bringing GcMAF from the laboratory to the patient. More specifically, the company has refined the process of GcMAF production and improved the stability and quality control analysis of the product. Efranat is in the process of manufacturing GcMAF under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions at KAMADA Ltd in order to make it available for Clinical Trials and Managed Access Programs in the second half of 2013.

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